Writing Fan Fiction – 5 Habits of Popular Writers

5 Habits of Popular Fan Fiction Writers Ever wonder what it takes to separate your writing from the hundreds of stories that are posted daily in Fan Fiction archives all over the internet? Want to know what it takes to get more comments and reviews on your stories? You’re in the right place.Implementing the following 5 strategies will have you writing like the pros in no time.Read Fan FictionYou can learn just as much reading Fan Fiction as you can reading about writing it, so head over to your favorite Fan Fiction archive and pick something to read from your Fandom. Make a short list of the things you liked and the ones that you didn’t. When you read a story you love, think about why it resonated with you. Next time you sit down to write, bring what you learned to your own story. Reading Fan Fiction in my Fandom invariably inspires me to open the story that I am working on and to start writing, so this is also a great technique to try if you are having trouble getting started on your own writing.Leave Comments for Other WritersThis goes along with reading Fan Fiction from other authors; make sure to leave a comment or two after you read a story. Not only will this help you develop your critical thinking skills, you’ll be helping to create a community of writers in your Fandom. Your name will quickly become recognizable to other writers and they will stop and take the time to read and review your stories. You might even get lucky and find a beta read this way. I did!Plan Your StoryPlanning your story before you write it gets you to the finish line faster. Since you know where you are going, you get there with a solid story that makes sense and doesn’t require a lot of rewriting. And ultimately, that means you’ll be able to write more stories–and everyone loves a prolific writer!Writing a plan for your story doesn’t have to take a lot of time, for a short story it could be as simple as a list of events or even a paragraph that summarizes your story. For longer stories, you’ll want to spend a little more time figuring out the sequence of your events. Again, though, your plan could be as simple as a list of scenes that need to occur to tell your story. Additionally, having a plan means you know what you need to write every time you sit down at the computer–what a fantastic way to keep writer’s block at bay!Use a Beta ReaderIt is always easier to be objective when you are reading someone else’s work. If you care about your writing and want to improve it, find a beta reader. Shop around a little, try out a few different people until you find someone you can work with. When you are reading Fan Fiction in your Fandom, take note of those whose work you like and contact them to see if they’d like to trade work with you. Most fan fiction communities offer lists of individuals who are willing to offer their services to beta read your story. Take advantage of those resources. Your readers will thank you.Start a HabitPopular writers are prolific writers, there is no doubt about that. Write every day, no matter what it is. Try out 750 Words or Penzu for some private online journaling. Pick up a Prompt Table or work on your WIP, even if it is only for 15 minutes a day, you’ll be surprised how quickly the words start piling up and how much easier it is to write.Feeling inspired? Don’t wait! Go do at least one of these things right now and you’ll be on your way to better writing today.

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